Rhadar Therapist Data Systems

Rhadar is a bespoke database driven Data Management System for Counselling and Therapy establishments and charities.

Rhadar has been designed and engineered to be the primary tool in an Therapy/Counselling environment and is feature rich enabling Admin staff and Therapists/Counsellors to efficiently manage the client data whilst not taking away valuable time from the client.

Rhadar is hosted in secure and resilient data centres in the UK providing not only security but reliability with backups running daily and extensive Disaster recovery policies in place.

Client/Patient Management

  • Waiting list Patients are created within the waiting list until a Therapist has been assigned
  • Archiving Patients can be switched to archived and current. Searches and reports can be completed against all clients, current or archived
  • Patient records Full patient management, options to archive client and flag Safeguarding
  • Session management All sessions can be recorded against a client along with session notes
  • Documents Relevant Client Documents can be uploaded and accessed through the Client screen
  • Forms & Questionnaires A number of forms and questionnaires are included to record client information, for example the CORE Forms that are recorded at the start, middle and end of Therapy.
  • Therapists Therapists have access to the clients that are assigned to them and they have the ability to manage the Therapy sessions and forms/questionnaires

Forms & Reports

Rhadar has a number of forms and questionnaires available to the Admins and Therapists. These forms are comprehensive and most offer begin, middle and end forms. The forms containing begin, middle and end also have comparison screens that show both (or all three) forms with the answers side by side. All forms can be printed and the information contained within is used to provide comprehensive reports.

  • Therapist Assessment Begin and End forms
  • Parent/Carer Questionnaire begin and end forms
  • Teacher Questionnaire begin and end forms
  • CORE forms begin, middle and end forms
  • Child CORE forms begin, middle and end forms
  • Worry tracker start, middle and end forms
  • Child evaluation form
  • 13+ evaluation form
  • Parent evaluation form
  • Teacher evaluation form

Searching & Reports

Rhadar already has a number of reports however bespoke reports to suit your needs can be produced upon request

  • Sessions offered report
  • Safeguarding session notes report
  • Safeguarding status report
  • Evaluation - how helpful report
  • Evaluation - please tell us how - adult report
  • Evaluation - please tell us how - child report
  • Evaluation - please tell us how - parent report
  • Evaluation - further comments report
  • Waiting list report
  • Referrals report
  • Fee report
  • Risk report
  • Medication report
  • Psychological capacity report
  • Symptoms report
  • Clinical outcomes in routine evaluation totals
  • Child clinical outcomes in routine evaluation totals

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