About the software that can turn your business around

Rhadar is developed and supported by Swift Digital Solutions Ltd, a company based in North London and in operation for over 20 years, Swift Digital employes all IT Support and Development staff, there is no outsourcing at Swift!.

After working closely with a number of organisations and charities in the Mental Health industy, we spent the time required to understand the proceesses and requirements for the successful operation of such organisations. We also quickly understood that the available software and systems available to such organisations was limited and dated. We experienced charities that were either paper-based or their software was using such legacy software that the amount of manual work required to gather and format information was astounding.

Using the information we gained from the industry our software engineers and developers started creating Rhadar with the following main goal objectives:

- Produce a secure hosted system for counsellor and therapist companies and charities to efficienty gather and store patient/client information.

- Produce a system that will provide the therapists and admin staff a comprehensive suite of reports that will give them meaninful information. Reports should be exportable to Excel and PDF.

- Provide the facilities to store and manage client/patient sessions

- Provide the required assessment forms, CORE forms and evaluation forms to record patient information

Swift Digital has 20 years experience of not only supporting businesses with their IT Support, but with designing, building and supporting applications. With in-house staff employed at Swift Digital, everyone shares the same Ethos ensuring that customers are happy with their products and services.