Rephael House - Independent professional therapy charity

Charity Background

Rephael House has provided a safe place to recover, develop and grow through a range of counselling services. In operation since 1997 Rephael House has built a strong reputation in North London. Based in Finchley, London, and with over 30 therapists Rephael House provides low-cost and fully funded counselling services for a range of services including
- Children and young people
- Bereavement
- Genera Counselling
- Domestic Abuse
- Anti and post-natal emotional health

Rhadar at Rephael House

Rephael House previously had a dated Access database system that couldn't keep up with the charity's requirements and growth. They made the decision to move to Rhadar in 2019. We worked closely with the CEO and admin staff to ensure that Rhadar would meet the requirements of the charity. There were a number of customisations that were required to the system which we engineered into the system.

One of the greatest challenges of the Rephael House Rhadar system was to import all records from the old Access database based system. This was no easy task and our team of developers engineered import scripts to careful de-duplicate and order the data from thousands of records. After extensive tests the live data was imported into Rhadar and Rephael House was declared operational.

Rhadar has been the primary tool for Rephael House since 2019 and is used constantly by the admin staff, therapists and service users

Since day one, Rhadar has been a game changer for Rephael House, we went from a very manual tedious process to a hugely efficient system that not only is very easy to use, but allows for all information to be available at the click of a button. The reports alone have increased the charity's efficiency more than we would have ever thought. We cannot imagine being without Rhadar.
A.Edge - CEO

Independent Psychotherapy and Counselling Training Charity

Charity Background

This charity is bsaed in London and is a large child and adult psychotherapy charity. In addition, they also provide counselling training services. With over 100 therapists and 20 admin staff, this charity works with individuals and schools providing counselling services as well as providing counselling training to aspiring therapists.

Rhadar at the Charity

The charity received Rhadar in 2020 and previously operated on a number of smaller and paper based systems. There were some specific components that would be required which Rhadar at the time could not accommodate however our engineering and development team agreed the specifications and incorporated them into Rhadar. The system is now the primary tool for the Counselling and Counsellor Training aspects of the charity.

With over 150 total users on Rhadar, the dedicated hosting and support offers the charity a fast, efficient system that is heavily used for its reports.

We have been using Rhadar since 2020 and even from the testing phase we could see that this software would elevate our charity in a very big way, we weren't wrong. I have large numbers of therapists and admin staff simultaneously using Rhadar on a daily bases and in three years have never had a problem. We are able to store the information required and more importantly report on it in an instant.