Therapist Management

Rhadar gives you a complete Therapist Management system. Each Therapist created will have their own username and password to log in to the system and clients will be assigned to them. The Therapist's login will only display clients that are assigned to them.

In addition to the Therapist login Rhadar will also store important information about the Therapist for both their qualifications and insurance details, through to the onboarding and contractual details within your organisation

An additional feature on the therapist section is that the system will automatically email the admin staff and the therapist one month before any of the relevant expiries are due, so for example the DBS expiry.

Documents such as DBS certificates, insurance certificates, contracts etc. are also important and generally held by the organisation/charity for reference. Rhadar allows the storing of the aforementioned electronically. An additional feature here is that every document uploaded has a 'Publish' checkbox. By checking this box, the therapist will also see the document and will have the ability to download it. Leaving the checkbox unticked will mean that only the admin staff will be able to see the documents.

Therapist list with the ability to view archived therapists, view and edit current therapists.

Individual Therapist record

Therapist Document Management