Service Users

The Service Users component of Rhadar is particularly useful for organisations and charities that work with schools. Service User accounts are created and have limited access to Rhadar but will certainly raise your efficiency, and theirs.

New client -The Service user will be able to create their own clients on Rhadar. Within their login they will see a waiting list but that will only contain clients that they have created. When creating a new client, they will be created on Rhadar but will be located in a seperate Service User Waiting List. The staff admin can then process the client in the service waiting list and assign a therapist thus making them active clients.

Service User Documents - Admin staff can upload documents specific to the Service users which they will then in turn access through their logins.

Service User Calendar - Service Users will have their own calender where they can add their own appointments and notes. This is a nice feature for the Service Users, especially when arranging appointments with clients.

List of Service users with the ability to upload documents for each service

Service User Documents

Service User Login showing waiting list and New Client option

Service User Login New Client option

Service User Waiting List under Admin login