Comprehensive Backups

Data is one of the most valuable parts of any business and this has to be protected. Rhadar is a secure system minimising the chance of unauthorised access, however, we have added many more layers to the security and resilience of Rhadar to ensure your continued data integrity.

File Level Backups - File level backups are performed 7-days-a-week 365-days-a-year. These backups effectively secure the database, system files and user files. The process uses miliarty grade encryption and will encrypt the local data before transporting it securely to the UK based dedicated cloud servers. The restore process is straight-forward and most restores happen within a few minutes of starting the process.

SQL Server Backups - The back end database, the place where all the raw data is held, is also backed up 7-days-a-week, 365- days-a-year. The SQL Server restore process usually takes a few minutes once instigated

Server Snapshot - To increase the level of reslience, our dedicated servers are backed up every night as a snapshot image. This means that in the event of a critical failure, the entire system can be restored back to the last night's backup usually in less than an hour.