Secure UK Hosting

Rhadar has been designed, engineered and coded by Swift Digital Solutions, a website and application development company in operation for over two decades. All staff are in-house, employed by the company. There is no outsourcing involved in anything to do with the applications or websites that Swift Digital develop and maintain. Swift Digital is ICO registered and fully compliant with GDPR and data protection.

We understand that the data held within Rhadar is of sensitive nature. This is why we have a dedicated UK based cloud platform where Rhadar is located. Access to this secure enviroinment is strictly enforced to only a handful of senior staff within Swift Digital.

UK Data Centres - Rhadar is held within a dedicated platform and stored in UK Data Centres. There are three UK Data Centres and our systems are replicated across all three for resilience.

Military Grade Encryption - Rhadar is secured and encrypted using military grade SSL Certificates.

Multi Factor Authentication - All Rhadar user accounts are protected with Multi Factor Authentication. This raised the security level ensuring unauthorised users cannot access the system.