Multi Factor Authentication

As the data held within Rhadar is sensitive, with personal and sensitive client data, security has to be the number one priority. This is why Rhadar has been developed to include Multi Factor Authentication. Every account wihin Rhadar, whether an Admin users, a Therapist or Service User, all will have to have Multi Factor Authentication set-up and configured.

Easy set-up - Set-up is easy, simply instruct the staff member to download an Authenticator App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. When logging in for the first time, the user will be presented with a unique QR Code. Scanning this using the Authenticator App will assign that user account with the user's smartphone. A unique 6 number code will be generated which once entered, will allow access to Rhadar. Once set up, and upon login, a six digit code will be asked for, which will be accessed from the App.

The registration process for logging in as a new user

Requesting the MFA code when logging in