Client/Patient Forms and Questionnaires

The Client Forms tab is one of the most important parts of the Rhadar system. This is where a numbe of forms and questionnaires are available for completion by the admin staff and assigned therapist. The information held within these forms are used for the extensive suite of reports and will add temendous value to your organisation/charity.

Forms are organised as follows:

  • Therapist Assessments Forms - One form is completed on the start of the patient's journey and one at the end.

  • Evaluation Forms - There are three evaluation forms; Adult/13+ evaluation form, Child Evaluation Form and Parent Evalution Form

  • 13+ CORE Forms - Industry standard forms originated in the UK and now translated into 54 languages, there are three forms, Start, Middle and End. On each 34 questions are completed with a score. When the forms are completed, a Clinical Outcome report is available for the client/patient showing their score compared to pre-defined clinical score.

  • Child CORE forms - Industry standard forms as above with the 13+ CORE forms but here with 1- questions. The same Start, Middle and End forms are available and a Child Clinical Score report is available when complete.

The Forms section is present for every client. It contains a number of forms and questionnaires that are completed with the client at various stages. Amongst the forms are the CORE 13+ start, middle and end forms and the CORE Child start, middle and end forms. The data within these forms are used to compile a number of reports and also provide Clinical Outcome Reports for the client.

The Therapist Assessment Begin form.

The 13+ CORE form

The Clinical Outcome report based on the 13+ CORE form entries