Rhadar Customisations

Rhadar Therapist Data Systems has been developed and is supported by Swift Digital Solutions Limited. Swift Digital has 20 years experience in website design & development and application development. with in-house staff and no need for outsourcing, Swift Digital can provide the highest level of quality at affordable prices. In a addition to this, all the staff at Swift Digital are highly motivated and passionate about what they do.
We understand that Rhadar may fulfil a high percentage of your needs however, we want to fulfil 100%. As we have developed this system from the ground up without the need for templates or third party software, we can fully customise Rhadar to ensure that every client has exactly the right system in order to achieve the highest amount of efficiently possible within their organisation.
If you like the look of Rhadar and require additional forms, reports or functionality, simply contact our team and we will be happy to discuss your needs with you.

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